Harvest Batch #

Chaga Harvest Batch #0418


Braidy and I harvested this batch of Chaga on April 6th, 7th & 10th, 2018 in the Municipality of Huron Shores.  We spied most of the conks high up in the trees so Braidy was busy setting up safety ropes and carefully climbing these very old Yellow Birches.  More often than not, we find Chaga growing on yellow, rather than white, Birch trees.  We were grateful to find this unusually abundant and stunning array of conks all on one tree (above, center).  We always take good care not to damage any trees or over harvest; so we took about 75% of one conk and left the rest intact to ensure that this beautiful old tree will continue to thrive and so that Chaga mushroom can regenerate. This harvest session yielded some of the most beautiful and brilliantly coloured Chaga we have ever seen!

Our harvest batch numbers are now displayed on our labels and indicate the month and year of the harvest.  Batch #0418 is currently available at the Island Jar on Manitoulin Island as well as in the Wild Teas section of our Store.


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